Vorys Initiative for Business Empowerment

Supporting Our Communities

The Vorys Initiative for Business Empowerment provides legal support for minority-owned businesses. Our goal is to help create a strong legal foundation that allows our clients to navigate the challenges associated with business ownership. By providing legal services at no or low cost, and delivering valuable educational content and training, we facilitate the development of minority-owned businesses from inception to maturity and through succession.


Initial Consultation

We want to learn from you.

Our initial consultation will provide us an opportunity to learn more about you and your business objectives. This information will help to create a legal framework to position your business for success.

Legal Services

Services to meet your needs.

After the initial consultation, we will build on your individual business needs through one-on-one counseling. Our clients often call their attorneys for assistance in the following areas: employment, business formation, tax, financing, contracts, leasing, construction, brand protection and intellectual property.


Educational Opportunities

Join our client seminars.

As a Vorys client, you will have access to exclusive content and resources, including virtual sessions that will familiarize you with common legal issues and pitfalls. In addition to their educational benefit, these sessions will provide you with some necessary tools to help protect your business.


Our Commitment

Accessible billing structures.

We want to make legal services accessible. In determining the hours of free legal services provided to your business, we consider years of operation, business revenue, and business need. These hours may be used for non-litigation matters. Should you desire additional assistance, we can discuss alternative arrangements to meet your needs.


Vorys Team

Collaboration is key.

We want to work with you. Our lawyers are committed to positioning you for success and want to inspire confidence in the legal operations of your business.



Janay M. Stevens

Thank you for your interest in the Vorys Initiative for Business Empowerment.  Our client intake questionnaire will be available in the near future.