Pivotal-rpv-testimonials-icon"We have had a great experience working with the Vorys real estate tax group.  We were able to hand them our entire national portfolio for evaluation.  From there, Vorys achieved and continues to achieve tax reductions resulting in significant real estate tax savings for our company."

Pivotal Housing Partners
Nick McKee
In-House Counsel


equity rpv testimonials icon"The service provided by Vorys’ Real Property Taxation team is excellent.  They regularly advise us on our portfolio of properties that spans across nine states. Their client focus has been unmatched and the results have exceeded our expectations."

Equity, LLC
Tom Rocco
General Counsel


Matrix-Holdings-rpv-testimonials-icon"Andrew DeBord and the Vorys real property taxation team have obtained substantial tax savings for our suburban and central business district office property portfolio in Ohio and Kentucky."

Matrix Holdings
Patrick Gates



village-communities-rpv-testimonials-icon"We utilized Vorys’ real property taxation team in a large variety of cases of cases throughout the entire development process, from initial zoning applications through construction, development and, ultimately, dispositions. We view Vorys as an invaluable member of our team."

Village Communities
Tre’ Giller
CEO, Village Communities


quote-marks-rpv-testimonials-icon"Nicholas Ray and the real property taxation team at Vorys handle our national portfolio of properties. I am extremely impressed with their ability to manage a large and diverse portfolio of properties. Vorys also processes our real property tax payments. The team has greatly reduced our administrative burden. They have my complete trust and their timeliness is impeccable."

Cardinal Health
Diana Jander
Director, US Indirect Tax


kropger-rpv-testimonials-icon"Vorys’ real property taxation team has been a trusted service provider for almost 10 years. They have helped Kroger with properties in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. I am thrilled with the results the team has produced and the high level of client service we have received."

Kelly Walter
Senior Manager, Property Tax


quote-marks-rpv-testimonials-icon-2"As we continue to expand our holdings in Ohio, Nicholas Ray and his team have been a valuable resource in navigating the Ohio real estate tax environment. Their advice is a critical component of our approach to the state and the management of our real estate tax exposure. Additionally, they work in the local counsel role to advise in the negotiation and closing of our acquisitions."

GoldOller Real Estate Investments
William Knapp
Director of Investments


quote-marks-rpv-testimonials-icon"We could not be more impressed with Vorys’ real property taxation team. They have managed to reduce our manufacturing plant’s taxes by more than half and have also significantly decreased the taxes on our distribution facility."

Franklin International
Forest Driggs
Sr. Vice President and CFO



casto-rpv-testimonials-icon"It has been a pleasure working with the real property taxation team at Vorys. Our company has a diverse portfolio of properties, and the team has helped us with them all: land, retail, office and multifamily."

Julie Engle
Senior Director, Commercial Property Management



cortland-rpv-testimonials-icon"We use Vorys for more than just real property tax valuation litigation matters. They regularly advise us on acquisitions in Ohio and other states on the real property tax aspects of our underwriting. The value they provide us is critical to our business success. They truly are team players."

Jim Knight
Director of Investments


heidelberg-rpv-testimonials-icon"Team Vorys never ceases to amaze us on how they can provide more value. They jumped in and did the research to uncover and verify savings opportunities around our real estate investments. They found monies we did not know existed before this analysis. Impressive!"

Heidelberg Distributing Company
Vail Miller Jr.


schottenstein-rpv-testimonials-icon"We have had the pleasure of working with Vorys’ real property taxation team for multiple properties. Not only do they do an impressive job finding our company opportunities for tax savings, but they also execute those strategies and keep us informed along the way. They truly do great work."

Schottenstein Real Estate Group
Brian Schottenstein
President, Schottenstein Real Estate Group