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Vorys’ PatentlyIntegrated™ is a unique modular system designed to help you achieve quality patent assets, efficiently.

magnifying glassEfficient patent process improvement consulting

epsilonSmart priority case drafting and global prosecution

briefcaseCost-effective, comprehensive global management

We can customize one or more of the three modules below to create a unique
patenting solution aimed at providing you quality patent assets with efficient spend.

Module One

We evaluate our clients’ patenting processes to identify and improve inefficient or underperforming elements, including business goal alignment, filing strategies, and cost management. Our experienced patent professionals are certified in process improvement analysis. We have developed techniques and technical algorithms to address the most important levers driving your patenting spend management to enable you to meet your patent goals more efficiently and strategically. module one- ribbon

Module Two

We draft and prosecute your patent applications with an eye toward managing the key levers of your patent spend. We draft and manage priority cases proactively using Early Indicators of Patentability, Lead Case Plans, and proprietary strategic algorithms to align filing strategies with business goals and jurisdictional realities.

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Module Three

We provide cost-effective, comprehensive global portfolio management using unique algorithms and efficient tools. We provide a network of vendors and foreign agents who provide flat fees on a global basis that may be utilized by our clients. We provide administrative support, in combination with our substantive expertise and innovative management, for all administrative aspects of global portfolio management, and at a competitive price.

We use our PatentlyIntegrated™ strategic algorithms to continually align portfolio management decisions with your evolving business goals.

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Contact: Carey C. Jordan

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